Firm secures fair compensation from the Alabama Department of Transportation for convenience store developer

Casey Pipes represented a convenience store developer in a land condemnation action brought in Mobile County Circuit Court by the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT). The site had been acquired years previously by a different convenience store developer, and the current owner came into ownership through a stock acquisition of the prior owner. The site had never developed, and it was raw land at the time of the taking. A new round-about project took over 1.25 acres from the 2.1-acre parcel and damaged the fair market value of the remaining land. ALDOT’s initial offer was $103,320. The case did not settle at mediation, and the issue of the amount of just compensation owed to the owner went to a jury trial in March of 2024. The final recovery was $382,165–3.7 times the amount of ALDOT’s initial offer.

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