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Businesses and individuals are subject to scrutiny by government prosecutors and regulators. At Helmsing Leach Attorneys, we specialize in White Collar Defense and Internal Investigations, offering unparalleled expertise in navigating complex legal matters with integrity and precision.

With a deep understanding of both state and federal laws, our team is dedicated to protecting the rights and interests of our clients throughout Alabama. Our white collar defense and internal investigations team guides clients through the complexity and stress of government actions with confidence, discretion, and sensitivity.

What Constitutes a White Collar Crime?

In Alabama, white-collar crimes are broadly categorized as non-violent offenses committed for financial gain or to secure an advantage, often within professional or business settings. These offenses typically involve deceit, deception, or abuse of trust for monetary or personal benefit. Common examples include fraud, embezzlement, bribery, and insider trading. Understanding the nuances of Alabama’s white-collar crime statutes and having a competent team of white collar defense and investigation lawyers by your side is essential for navigating these complex legal matters effectively.

Trusted Alabama White Collar Defense and Internal Investigations Law Firm

Helmsing Leach’s attorneys represent businesses and individuals facing government actions or accusations of wrongdoing. Our firm has handled criminal matters from the earliest stages of the investigation phase through trial and, when necessary, appeals. In more than a few cases, we have obtained optimal outcomes, with no charges brought, no penalties assessed, and no adverse publicity suffered. Our broad experience includes cases involving offenses relating to health care, the environment, public corruption, the Sherman Act, and insurance and financial matters.

We have also represented clients targeted by federal and state regulatory agencies, including those in the healthcare field. The firm has substantial experience and success in litigating civil matters that often run parallel to criminal and regulatory proceedings, such as civil RICO and False Claims Act cases.

In addition, business clients regularly ask us to investigate potential crimes and regulatory violations by employees, including high-ranking officers. We are adept at determining these sensitive matters with the least disruption to our clients’ operations and company culture. We have conducted corporate and white collar investigations in a wide range of industries and practice areas, including healthcare, engineering, manufacturing, and finance. We also advise clients on how to stay in compliance with laws and regulations governing their businesses.

Criminal Defense Investigations

  • Represented high-ranking employee of an insurance company in connection with multi-year Mississippi federal and state grand jury investigations into the handling of thousands of hurricane damage claims. No charges were brought against the client
  • Represented realtor targeted in a wide-ranging bid-rigging investigation by the Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division that led to over a dozen convictions. No charges were brought against the client
  • Represented former chief executive officer of a Fortune 500 company tried on charges of public corruption
  • Trial counsel for client charged with securities fraud
  • Represented defendant charged with multiple felony violations of the criminal Clean Water Act. Following trial and appeal, the client pled guilty to a misdemeanor count and served no jail time
  • Represented former chief financial officer of a public corporation charged with large-scale financial fraud

The firm is willing to assist trial counsel to whatever degree is desired, from a limited consulting role to the complete handling of any appeal.

Representative Internal Investigations

  • Conducted internal investigations for multiple healthcare providers concerning possible fraud by physicians and other employees
  • Conducted internal investigation of nationally ranked engineering consulting firm in connection with FBI investigation of possible public corruption crimes. No charges were brought against the firm
  • Conducted internal investigation for naval contractor concerning potential fraud on the government by certain shipbuilding employees
  • Conducted investigation for multinational specialty chemicals manufacturer into suspected theft of trade secrets and violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

Representative Regulatory Matters

  • Represented multiple healthcare industry clients in responding to investigations conducted under the Drug Enforcement Agency’s Diversion Control Program
  • Guided healthcare client with substantial potential regulatory exposure to satisfactory resolution through Self Disclosure Protocol of the Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General
  • Represented specialty pharmacy being investigated by Mississippi Medicaid Fraud Control Unit. No action was taken against the client

Need a White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyer in Alabama?

Fear of reputational damage and uncertainty about legal proceedings often weigh heavily on those implicated in white-collar investigations.

At Helmsing Leach, we understand that when government action is threatened or pursued, the stakes are high. Our attorneys mitigate the impact of such actions for our clients and often resolve them before charges or penalties are on the table, a case goes to trial, or a reputation is compromised. If a trial cannot be avoided, our attorneys have the skills and experience to obtain a favorable outcome.

Question & Answer

Common examples of white-collar crimes in Alabama include:

  • Fraud: Deceptive practices or schemes to obtain money or property through false pretenses, such as insurance fraud, mortgage fraud, and healthcare fraud.
  • Embezzlement: Misappropriation of funds or property entrusted to one’s care, often committed by employees, executives, or public officials.
  • Bribery: Offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting something of value to influence official actions or decisions, including bribes involving government contracts or public officials.
  • Identity Theft: Unauthorized use of another person’s personal identifying information to commit fraud or theft, such as obtaining credit cards or loans in someone else’s name.
  • Tax Evasion: Intentional failure to report income or assets to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or state tax authorities to evade taxes owed.
  • Money Laundering: Concealing the origins of illegally obtained money by transferring it through a series of complex financial transactions or investments.
  • Cybercrime: Illicit activities conducted online, including hacking, phishing, identity theft, and fraudulent schemes targeting individuals or businesses through electronic communication channels.

Facing allegations of white-collar crimes can be daunting, but Helmsing Leach Attorneys is here to help. Our experienced white collar defense lawyers offer strategic counsel and vigorous defense representation to individuals and businesses navigating the complexities of these cases in Alabama.

Several agencies in Alabama are dedicated to investigating white-collar crimes, ensuring thorough examination and enforcement of relevant laws. The Alabama Attorney General’s Office plays a vital role in overseeing and prosecuting such cases within the state. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) collaborates with state and local authorities to investigate complex white-collar offenses that may have interstate or international implications. The Alabama Securities Commission focuses specifically on securities-related fraud and violations, working to maintain the integrity of financial markets within the state. 

Are you facing white collar investigations in Alabama? Count on Helmsing Leach Attorneys for comprehensive legal representation and strategic guidance tailored to your specific circumstances.

The consequences of white-collar convictions in Alabama can be severe and may vary depending on the specific circumstances of the case. Individuals convicted of white-collar crimes may face a range of penalties, including:


  • Substantial fines
  • Court-ordered restitution to victims
  • Probation and imprisonment. 
  • Civil penalties and forfeiture of assets 


The severity of the penalties often correlates with the nature and severity of the offense, emphasizing the importance of skilled legal representation. Helmsing Leach offers comprehensive legal services to individuals facing white-collar charges, helping them understand their rights and options while advocating vigorously on their behalf.

The duration of a white-collar investigation in Alabama can vary significantly based on various factors such as complexity of the case, the volume of evidence involved, and the level of cooperation from parties under investigation. While some investigations may conclude relatively quickly, others may extend over several months or even years as authorities meticulously gather evidence and build their case. This underscores the need for proactive legal representation to protect one’s rights and interests throughout the process.

Individuals accused of white-collar crimes in Alabama may face prosecution at both the state and federal levels, particularly if the alleged offenses involve violations of both state and federal laws. Instances of interstate or international fraud, for example, often fall within the jurisdiction of federal authorities. In such cases, individuals must navigate both state and federal court systems, highlighting the importance of retaining legal representation experienced in handling cases at both levels. 

The white collar defense and internal investigations lawyers at Helmsing Leach offer comprehensive legal services and representation to individuals facing charges for white-collar crimes. We can provide you with the guidance and support you need to protect your rights and achieve the best possible outcome in these multifaceted legal proceedings.