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Helmsing Leach specializes in providing insurance claim consultation and defense services to individuals and businesses throughout the state. Our insurance litigation attorneys are adept at providing vigorous representation to clients across various industries, working diligently to investigate claims, negotiate settlements, and, if necessary, advocate on behalf of our clients in court to achieve the best possible outcome.

What is Insurance Defense Litigation?

Insurance defense is the legal representation of insurers and insureds. It encompasses many areas, including first party claims, third party claims, coverage disputes, regulatory compliance, and more.

For decades, Helmsing Leach has represented the interests of insurers and insureds throughout Alabama. We have handled and tried all types of insurance defense cases, including those involving bad faith, wrongful death, bodily injury, and property damage. In addition to defending insureds, our insurance attorneys have extensive experience in representing the needs of insurance companies in matters involving coverage questions, bad faith claims, and regulatory matters.

Insurance Litigation Law Experts in Alabama

Insurance defense is a critical aspect of protecting policyholders’ interests when facing legal claims. Our expertise includes assisting insurers and insureds with large-scale or catastrophic claims and coverage issues arising from hurricanes, floods, and storms on Alabama’s Gulf Coast and across the Southeast.

  • Defended a local insurance company in a class action alleging a systematic non-payment of overhead and profit on claims
  • Coverage counsel for national insurance carrier on Chinese Drywall claims and cases in Alabama
  • Represented a nationwide insurance company regarding license taxes owed within Mobile County
  • Primary counsel for several state and national insurance companies on a wide variety of first and third-party claims
  • Defended nationwide insurance company and its representatives against claims of bad faith and fraud arising out of wind/water issues related to Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sally and Hurricane Zeta.
  • Obtained a defense verdict for a property insurer in one of the few Hurricane Sally cases to be tried to a jury.

Experienced Insurance Dispute Attorneys at Your Service

Insurance is a highly regulated industry that varies by state, so it is essential to have a team of attorneys who are knowledgeable of the latest regulations. Our insurance defense attorneys protect insurers and insureds from claims made against them. We also investigate the validity of insurance claims and help our clients obtain more favorable rulings.  

Whether you are facing an insurance dispute, need assistance with policy coverage matters, or require representation in extra-contractual litigation, we are here to help. Our goal is to resolve our client’s case as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Question & Answer

An extra-contractual claim seeks damages beyond the insurance contract. They are punitive in nature and typically include a claim of “bad faith,” alleging improper insurance handling practices.

How Does Extra-Contractual Litigation Arise?

Extra-contractual litigation, also known as bad faith claims, can arise under certain circumstances when an insurance company fails to fulfill its obligations to the insured in handling a claim. This can include unreasonable delays, improper denial of benefits, or other unfair practices.
Yes, mediation or arbitration can be viable alternatives to traditional litigation for resolving insurance disputes. These methods offer a more collaborative and cost-effective approach, allowing parties to reach mutually beneficial resolutions outside of court. Our insurance attorneys are skilled negotiators and experienced in alternative dispute resolution techniques such as mediation and arbitration. We guide clients through these processes to achieve efficient and satisfactory outcomes.