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Eminent Domain and

Eminent Domain is the power of the sovereign to take privately owned property for public use.  Condemnation is the legal process involved in this taking.  Acquiring property through eminent domain is often highly controversial.  Legal processes must be followed, and property owners must be treated fairly.  Owners are legally entitled to receive “just compensation” for the taking and damage to their property.  Just compensation means fair compensation, and fair market value is generally the measure.  Because the market value of real estate is a matter of opinion, it is not uncommon for the condemning agency’s property valuation to be lower than the property owner’s valuation.  Ensuring that compensation is fair and just to both sides requires experienced, skilled and effective legal representation.

Helmsing Leach has some of the most experienced and respected eminent domain lawyers in the southeastern United States.  The firm has represented both landowners and condemning agencies in some of the largest condemnation projects in Alabama.  We have successfully represented clients in all manner of condemnation cases, including matters involving highways, private access roads, historical sites, nature preserves, government buildings, billboards, power lines, storm water drainage, water and sewer lines, petroleum and natural gas pipelines, industrial complexes, compressor stations, urban renewal, urban redevelopment, airport expansions, college campus expansions, commercial office building acquisitions, convenience store (C stores) takings, underground gas storage rights, communication systems, regulatory takings and blight.  In short, there are few, if any, types of condemnation cases that we have not handled.