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Helmsing Leach has defended lawsuits arising out of aviation, automobile, boating, bus, railroad, tire, and other transportation-related accidents and crashes in some of the nation’s most challenging litigation venues.

Whether you’re a business owner, an individual, or an insurance company involved in transportation-related disputes, our team of transportation lawyers is here to provide you with exceptional legal representation.

What is Transportation-Related Litigation?

MetaTransportation-related litigation involves legal disputes arising from accidents and incidents involving various modes of transportation, such as aviation, automobile, boating, bus, railroad, and related industries. These cases typically involve personal injury claims, property damage disputes, employment issues, and workers’ compensation matters along the transportation supply chain. 

Due to the complexity of this field, it’s crucial to have experienced legal representation to navigate the intricate web of regulations and industry standards. 

Alabama’s Premier Transportation Litigation Attorneys

Transportation litigation is complex, with many industry rules and regulations. Our areas of defense expertise in this practice include:

Aviation Lawyers

For nearly five decades, our aviation accident lawyers have successfully defended aircraft and engine manufacturers, component part suppliers, and fixed-base operators and repair facilities in lawsuits arising out of private, corporate, and military aircraft crashes that occurred in Alabama, Florida, Iowa, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New South Wales, Australia, and on the high seas. These major suits or claims often involve multiple deaths, catastrophic injuries, and substantial property damages.

The firm has represented aerial applicators in personal injury and property damage claims from overspray, chemical drift, and pilot error. Our aviation injury lawyers have prosecuted (and defended) subrogation and indemnity claims in aviation insurance coverage disputes. We have defended one of the world’s leading commercial airlines against claims concerning airport ground services and operations and baggage handling.

On the business side, our representations have included assisting fixed-base operators and owners in negotiations involving lease and franchise issues.

Boating Lawyers

Helmsing Leach lawyers have, since the early 1980s, represented many clients—including one of the world’s foremost boat and marine engine manufacturers—in warranty, serious injury, and wrongful death lawsuits. Our engagements have involved actions based on allegations of design defect, inadequate warning, and manufacturing defect. Most of our boating lawyers are themselves active boaters and can bring their own personal knowledge to the defense of these suits.

Buses/Cars/Tires Lawyers

The firm has defended cases against United States and foreign manufacturers of automobiles, buses, and tires. We successfully obtained summary judgment for a U.S. car company in a park-to-reverse wrongful death suit. We also successfully defended an international tire manufacturer in cases alleging failure of the tire that resulted in crashes causing serious personal injuries and wrongful death. Our bus accident lawyers have also defended municipal bus systems in injury litigation.

Railroad Lawyer

Our products liability team members have defended railroads in several contexts, including:
  • defense of Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) actions
  • defense of a hearing-loss multi-plaintiff suit
  • defense of major railroad in numerous Alabama personal injury action related to the derailment of a train carrying the Space Shuttle booster rockets (“the Rocket Train”).

Expert Transportation Lawyers, At Your Service

Transportation-related claims can be detrimental to a company. They require a deep understanding of industry regulations, technical knowledge, and strategic legal expertise. At Helmsing Leach, we work closely with our clients to understand their businesses, anticipate issues that may arise and find favorable resolutions.

Our team of transportation litigation attorneys combines legal expertise, industry knowledge, and a commitment to client success to effectively represent clients in transportation-related litigation. We are a trusted partner for clients facing complex transportation-related legal challenges.

Question & Answer

Transportation companies may face a myriad of legal issues, including accidents resulting in personal injury or property damage, contractual disputes with clients or vendors, employment-related claims, regulatory compliance challenges, and environmental concerns. At Helmsing Leach, we have extensive experience addressing these issues and providing comprehensive legal representation tailored to the unique needs of transportation companies.

Transportation companies can take proactive steps to prepare for potential litigation by implementing robust risk management protocols, maintaining accurate records and documentation, conducting regular safety training for employees, and staying informed about relevant laws and regulations. The transportation litigation attorneys at Helmsing Leach can provide valuable guidance in developing and implementing these preventive measures to minimize the risk of litigation and ensure the company is well-prepared to defend its interests if litigation arises.

Yes, Helmsing Leach has extensive experience assisting transportation companies in alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and arbitration. These approaches offer transportation companies a cost-effective and efficient means of resolving disputes outside of the courtroom. Our transportation lawyers are skilled negotiators and mediators who can effectively represent our transportation company clients’ interests and help them achieve favorable outcomes through alternative dispute resolution methods.

Early intervention and proactive legal counsel can help transportation companies facing potential litigation to mitigate risks and achieve favorable outcomes. By seeking legal guidance at the earliest stages of a dispute, transportation companies can identify potential liabilities, preserve evidence, and develop effective defense strategies. Helmsing Leach provides proactive legal counsel to transportation companies, helping them navigate legal challenges with confidence and minimizing the impact of litigation on their operations and reputation.