Warren Herlong and Casey Pipes get Just Compensation for Home Owners

Warren and Casey finished a three-day jury trial on October 17, 2019 involving the condemnation of their clients’ home and several acres of their property.  The clients had a 45 acre tract of land improved with a home, several out buildings, and five rental houses in southern Baldwin County, Alabama.  A new State highway project took 8.36 acres of land in addition to their home and almost all of the out buildings, leaving 37 acres and all five of the rental houses.  The State Department of Transportation put on evidence that it owed only $403,000.  Warren and Casey put on evidence through an appraiser that their clients were owed $997,000, and they put on evidence through their owner-client that the amount owed was $1,200,000.  The jury returned a verdict for the full $1,200,000.  The addition of pre-judgment interest brought the total judgment to $1,277,716.45.