Casey Pipes and Warren Herlong recover $3,694,118.00 Judgment for Homeowners in Condemnation Action

Warren and Casey finished a jury trial in October of 2021 in which their clients’ home was being condemned for a new highway.  Their clients had assembled over 250 acres of land in Gulf Shores, Alabama, and they had improved it with a home that was over 7,000 SF in size.  The home was located inside a 5/8 mile race-horse practice track.  A new State highway project took about 22 acres of land, the home, the racetrack, and a pond, and it left their property divided by the new highway.  The State Department of Transportation put on evidence that it owed around $1.3 million.   The jury returned a verdict for over $2.9 million, and after adding prejudgment interest, the final judgment amount was $3,694,118.  This final judgment amount was nearly three times more than the State’s position of what it owed, and it was the just compensation that the homeowners were entitled to.